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Tips for a Ganglion Impar Injection

February 16, 2023

A ganglion impar injection is used to diagnose and manage visceral or sympathetic-maintained pain in the perineal and coccygeal areas.

Here are 3 pro tips to perform a ganglion impar injection

  1. Place the transducer transversely in the midline to obtain a transverse view of the sacral hiatus. 
  2. Rotate the transducer 90° to get a longitudinal view of the sacral hiatus and coccyx. The sacrococcygeal joint is the first cleft caudal to the sacral hiatus. 
  3. Insert a 22- to 25-gauge needle out-of-plane into the sacrococcygeal joint.


Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy

Comparison of sonoanatomy and reverse ultrasound anatomy for a ganglion impar injection.

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