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Established in 1994, NYSORA is a World Leader in Education in Anesthesiology, ULTRASOUND, Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. NYSORA utilizes standardized methods, proprietary educational tools (e.g. NYSORA SIMULATORS™) and over 2 decades of experience to deliver its educational mission.


NYSORA promotes the practice of Regional Anesthesia, Pain Management, and Perioperative Medicine through timely, free-of-charge dissemination of new information using far-reaching and innovative educational resources. NYSORA is a world renowned educational organization with a focus on regional anesthesia, pain, ultrasound and perioperative medicine. Since its creation in 1995, NYSORA has been contributing to education and advancement in the science and practice of anesthesiology. NYSORA’s free website is read by 4M readers annually.


Director of NYSORA, Prof. Dr. ADMIR HADZIC, photographed with some of his NYSORA-EUROPE team members in ZOL, Genk, Belgium. NYSORA is an International Educational Organization with teaching facilities and offices in New York and Belgium, Europe.


NYSORA Essentials of Ultrasonography course – small groups, customized hand-eye coordination learning.

NYSORA organizes the most standardized and educationally-effective courses, conferences, workshops, and symposia worldwide. NYSORA utilizes its proprietary teaching material, books, procedure algorithms, and NYSORA SIMULATORS™ to deliver best-in-class practical educational programs, which have revolutionized practice and education in anesthesiology. 


Leaning on more than 2 decades of educational excellence, NYSORA has developed the most comprehensive Ultrasound-Guided RAPM Learning Management System as an instant, standardized Reference Guide to the practice of Regional Anesthesia.


NYSORA has contributed two bestselling textbooks on ultrasound, regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine. NYSORA books and new editions have been translated in over 10 languages and are standard didactic material worldwide for nearly two decades. NYSORA textbooks are main study material for EDRA – regional anesthesia diploma, administered by the European Society of Anesthesiologists (ESRA).


NYSORA has hosted its acclaimed educational programs World-Wide. Some of its most effective and practice-improving workshops are hosted in NYSORA Academy facilities in New York and Leuven, BELGIUM.


Throughout its existence, NYSORA was philanthropically oriented. Just in the past decade, NYSORA has self-funded educational anesthesia programs in the developing world and substantially contributed to the development of regional anesthesia and pain management in Asia, Africa, South America and the Balkans. NYSORA-ASIA jump-started regional anesthesia in Asia and trained an army of instructors who continued teaching NYSORA’s standardized procedures. NYSORA has donated libraries of books, medical material and ultrasound equipment to Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia and Latin America. An entire animal lab and research support was donated in 2000’s to the University of Sarajevo Veterinary Faculty to rebuild research after the war in the Balkans (1992-1995). 


NYSORA’s research has contributed substantially to the development, standardization, safety and the benefits of Local – Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine. Founded by Drs Jerry Vloka and Admir Hadzic in 1994, the NYSORA research group has published the seminal work on outcome benefits of regional anesthesia, economics, monitoring of nerve block administration for safety and established standardized nerve block techniques. NYSORA’s innovation has introduced new industry standards in nerve stimulation, invented injection pressure monitoring and check-list protocol to increase patient safety. NYSORA’s textbooks are the industry standard in education in Universities World-Wide.