TAP / Quadratus Lumborum Block Ultrasound Simulator

Teaches ultrasound anatomy pattern recognition for TAP and Quadratus Lumborum, and needle-eye coordination.
Facilitates learning essential anatomy for TAP and QL blocks.
Allows training on injection techniques for TAP and QL.

INTERNAL LANDMARKS: Transverse abdominis muscles; Internal and external oblique muscles; Quadratus lumborum muscles; Latissimus dorsi muscles.
EXTERNAL LANDMARKS: Umbilicus; Rectus abdominous.

How to Use: TAP / Quadratus Lumborum Block Simulator

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Paravertebral / Erector Spinae Block Ultrasound Simulator

Facilitates acquisition of essential skills of using ultrasound.
Allows needle-target practice in plane and out of plane.
An absolute must for anyone wanting to start utilizing point of care ultrasound.

INTERNAL LANDMARKS: T3-T8; Ribs 3-8; Paravertebral space; Pleura; Spinous processes; Vertebrae T3 to T8.
EXTERNAL LANDMARKS: Left and right inferior angle of scapula; Vertebra prominens; Spinous processes; Paravertebral muscles.

OPTIONAL: Digital camera for visual confirmation of needle and catheter entry into the paravertebral space.

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