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NYSORA SIMULATORS ™ facilitate ultrasound skill acquisition and retention. Each simulator includes relevant anatomy, allows for needle insertion and injection, thus providing a complete educational experience. NYSORA Ultrasound Simulators also facilitate the learning of anatomy, and they can be used for testing knowledge acquisition and certification.

NYSORA SIMULATORS ™ are designed for durability, ease of transportation and storage. All simulators feature accurate essential anatomy, small footprint, and replaceable inserts, as well as actual ultrasound images with labeled structures for practice. Each simulator utilizes TISSUE SIMULATOR™ Technology and optimizes the development of specific knowledge and skills using landmark and ultrasound-guided procedural techniques.

“Training regional anesthesia using simulation increases success rate up to three times compared to traditional clinical training in patients.” (Reg Anesth Pain Med 2018;43: 819-824)


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