Wrist Block for Carpal Tunnel & Hand Surgery

Wrist block is the KING of regional anesthesia for hand and fingers surgery. At NYSORA, we use the blocks of the median, ulnar and radial nerves at the level of the forearm for a wide range of operations on the hand. On a busy hand-surgery day, we perform as many as 20 wrist blocks. Often, we use different combinations for specific effects, intraoperative functional testing of repaired or injured tendons and joints. In this video, Dr. Hadzic walks us through every aspect of the Wrist Block technique using the latest NYSORA’s e-learning system (NextLevelNYSORA), where you can make your custom-made notes, insert videos, literature, and more.

This is a must-see video for anyone wanting to learn the inside-out of the wrist block technique. Make sure you also watch the end of the video where Dr. Hadzic shares the power of the NOTES function in the NextLevelNYSORA’s functionality; it is guaranteed to inspire you to make your notes on the platform and kick the learning of regional anesthesia in the higher gear. Learn more about NextLevel NYSORA here: https://nextlevelcme.com.

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