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NEW RELEASE: Mobile Guide to Fluoroscopy Interventional Pain Management!

July 19, 2021

NYSORA launches NEW Interventional Pain App by Springer, published by the world’s top experts on Interventional Chronic Pain management.

We are excited to share thrilling news with our community! NYSORA has launched a new mobile app – Interventional Pain on July 19th, 2021. This state of the art, highly practical material from Springer’s best selling book “Interventional Pain : A Step-by-Step Guide for the FIPP Exam” by Springer Nature, is a must-have for practitioners with focus on fluoroscopy-guided pain procedures. 

Why should you get this APP?

The image-driven interventional pain procedures APP is created by the key opinion leaders with years of experience. With this app you will have instantaneous access to:

  1. Interventional Pain Procedures on the GO;
  2. Standardized Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventional Pain Procedures;
  3. Complete learning material for FIPP Exam on your mobile;
  4. Evidence-based recommendations asked at FIPP Exam;
  5. Tips on how to obtain best images;
  6. Amazing mnemonics for remembering tips for success and complications; 
  7. Best resource for both examinees and examiners;
  8. Improves patient care and safety;
  9. Fluoroscopic guidance for everything from cervical spine interventions, to sacroiliac and facet injections, to radiofrequency ablations.

The newest edition, thoroughly updated with latest recommendations that cover the entire therapeutic area applicable to Fluoroscopic-guided Interventional Pain Medicine. 

3d rendering C-Arm scan machine with surgery robot

NYSORA’s lead, Dr. Hadzic points out that this app is the single best resource featuring all standardized and evidence-based interventions in the practice of interventional pain medicine. Importantly, the app features clear guidance to diagnostic and therapeutic evidence-based recommendations, and it is the single best resource for preparing for the FIPP examination, administered by the World Institute of Pain (WIP). 

“We are committed to continually expand the educational resources utilizing our 20 years experience of transferring knowledge. Our educational mobile learning platforms benefit thousands of students and professionals who use NYSORA apps. For this new APP, we listened to the users’ feedback and have developed a fast, esthetically and functionally stunning Interventional Pain APP that covers the entire field. With a library of cognitive aids. This new NYSORA’s release is truly inspirational.”

To give our community to an opportunity try out the app, NYSORA has unlocked the app for a free 7 day trial. 

Download the app here:



Full details about the new app can be found here.


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