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How The Compendium Came to Be

April 6, 2022

We created NYSORA’s Compendium to bring on a new wave in medical e-learning. Our excitement for creating this all-encompassing guide burned so brightly that an army of medical professionals, illustrators, animators, and video editors banded together to make the extensive course material reality over the course of years.

As a result, the Compendium of Regional Anesthesia is comparatively the most authoritative guide on regional anesthesia, from A to Z. You might be thinking “Oh, an ebook” – but that’s pretty far off. It may feel like an ebook on steroids – but it goes way beyond that. The compendium features literally thousands of visual aids and regular new additions and updates. But what we really paid attention to is that the Compendium is made for the visual learner.

“As an author of medical textbooks, I can attest to how much work goes into writing, collaborating, and producing a book. Despite this, it can be frustrating when you invest months, even years in making the new edition, and then learn that some of it is obsolete by the time it is published, and by the time makes it to students’ study desks. Regional anesthesia is highly visual, but books and e-books can’t include nearly enough illustrations, images, or videos. As an author, you always feel held back by the book format that does not allow for all the visuals I would love to feature. For this reason, we created NYSORA’s Compendium of Regional Anesthesia, where there are no limitations in visuals, animations, or clinical videos.” – Says NYSORA’s director, Dr. Hadzic.

To make sure readers get the full benefits of the Compendium, we built the NYSORA LMS. The LMS is the learning platform that allows us to feature all images, videos, animations we feel necessary for the given subject, and timely updates as new knowledge becomes available.

We then summarized the most important information into a set of highly practical infographics for studying, available to everyone on the LMS for free.


Even if you do not wish to subscribe to the Compendium, do register to the NYSORA LMS, be the first to know what’s new in regional anesthesia, and get involved in discussions via the Activity Feed.

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