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Regional Anesthesia Manual e-Course

(formerly Compendium of RA)

Comprehensive and Visual Course to Master Everything Regional Anesthesia

Here's why anyone keen on learning, implementing, or enhancing their regional anesthesia practice should subscribe to NYSORA's Regional Anesthesia Manual e-Course

We fondly refer to it as the RA e-Manual on Steroids!

Trusted Source

Brought to you by NYSORA, a renowned name in anesthesia education.

Detailed Guidance

Navigate through step-by-step technique instructions for over 60 nerve blocks.

Visually Stunning Materials

Delve into NYSORA’s signature illustrations and videos, including the enlightening Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy, and videos from NYSORA’s clinical practice.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Access cutting-edge content and updates on any device via our desktop platform or handy mobile app.

Exam Ready

Most commonly used content for EDRA exam: with specially crafted infographics tailored for exams like EDRA.

Practical Insights

Designed for real-world application, get hands-on information tailored for practical use and watch countless, short video tutorials from NYSORA’s clinical practice.

Dr. Admir Hadzic says:

"Traditional books and ebooks fall short when it comes to learning regional anesthesia, given the visual nature of the subject. With the Regional Anesthesia Manual e-Course, not only do we incorporate necessary visuals, and videos, but we also offer real-time updates – making obsolete information a thing of the past."


Access a rich collection of teaching videos for faster and greater knowledge retention.


Understand the 3D perspective of the human body and the crucial importance of fascial planes in PNBs.

Top Techniques
Everything from neuraxial anesthesia to various nerve block procedures for the upper and lower extremities, thorax, and abdomen. Condensed and ready to use.
Expert Tips
Clinical pearls by key opinion leaders on how to improve your knowledge on regional anesthesia.
In-depth Instructions
Details on how to perform over 60 nerve blocks, with step-by-step instructions on anatomy, indications, technique, choice of local anesthetic, and more.
Instantly Applicable Approaches
The practical side of regional anesthesia and how to instantly introduce new blocks to your practice.
Transform your learning experience
For those committed to excellence in Regional Anesthesia, NYSORA's e-course is your ultimate digital companion. Elevate your expertise and ensure you're always at the forefront of the field.
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