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Lung protective ventilation 

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic principles behind lung protective ventilation


  • Lung protective ventilation (LPV) is a ventilation strategy aiming to reduce pulmonary complications after mechanical ventilation
  • Perioperative lung injury is a spectrum of disease that includes inflammation, impaired gas exchange, radiographic abnormalities, and respiratory failure
  • It is reasonable to use LPV as the default ventilation strategy in all mechanically ventilated patients

Ventilator settings (management)

  • Tidal volume of 6-8 mL/kg predicted body weight
  • Plateau pressures <30 cm H2O
  • Start positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) at 5 cm H2O
  • When performing recruitment maneuvers use:
    • The lowest effective pressure
    • The shortest effective time
    • The least amount of breaths 

Keep in mind

  • Ventilator induced lung injury (VILI) occurs via:
    • Volutrauma: high tidal volumes
    • Barotrauma: high inspiratory pressures
    • Atelectotrauma: repetitive and rapid opening of the alveoli
    • Biotrauma:
      • Inflammatory damage
      • Apoptotic/fibroproliferative processes
      • The translocation of bacteria and pro-inflammatory mediators
  • VILI shares common pathophysiological features with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  • ARDS is caused by:
  • VILI occurs most often in patients with predisposing factors for ARDS
  • In patients at risk for ARDS or with ARDS, LPV;
    • Improves oxygenation and pulmonary physiology
    • Reduces postoperative pulmonary complications
    • Reduces the relative risk of death at day 28 

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