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Regional Anesthesia Fellowship NYSORA, Europe

Must speak Dutch and have a Belgian medical diploma

Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management

ZOL, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg
Schiepse Bos 6, 3600 Genk
1,000+ bed Tertiary Hospital, Belgium

Prof. Dr. Admir Hadzic, PhD, Fellowship Director
Regional Anesthesia Team: Drs. Catherine Vandepitte, Ana Lopez, Imre Van Herreweghe, Astrid Van Lantschoot, Dimitri Dylst, Jeroen Van Melkebeek, Sam Van Boxstael, Thibaut Vanneste
Duration: One-year clinical fellowship
Rotations: 8 months in the locoregional service and 4 months in the OR (no cardiac anesthesia).
Stipend: Standard Annum/benefits + opportunity for additional compensation for academic fund/expenses
Positions: 5 positions
Requirements: Must have valid Certificate to practice anesthesiology in Belgium. Knowledge of English mandatory as our Team is made up of international experts and visiting scholars. Applicants with knowledge of Dutch language are given priority+
Locations: Belgium: St Jan Campus, ZOL, Genk, ZMK Hospital-Maaseik, St. Barbara Hospital Lanaken
Contact: Imré Van Herreweghe (

Short description

The NYSORA Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship in Belgium is one of the best known training programs in the world. The one-year program aims to produce clinical and practice leaders with in-depth regional anesthesia and acute pain management knowledge.

The NYSORA Fellowship has trained over 100 regional anesthesiology and pain management physicians, many of whom are key opinion and practice leaders all over Europe, the United States, and throughout the World.

Clinical Duties

We perform 60,000 anesthetic procedures annually (6,000+ nerve blocks/annum), exposing our Fellows to a wide variety of anesthesia techniques and acute pain interventions. While the bulk of our practice is focused on orthopedic surgery, we also cover regional anesthesia services for thoracic, abdominal, vascular, neuro and plastic surgery.

In addition to the vast array of standardized orthopedic anesthesia regional anesthesia procedures, our fellows also learn

  • Upper Extremity Blocks
  • Lower Extremity Blocks
  • Fascial plane blocks
  • Paravertebral blocks
  • Transverse abdominal plane (TAP) blocks
  • Thoracic epidurals (in both adult and pediatric patients)
  • Pectoralis blocks
  • Quadratus Lumborum block
  • Serratus plane block
  • Interventional analgesia techniques for ERAS protocols in Orthopedic, Breast, Chest, Cardiac, Abdominal, and Vascular surgery. 

Scholarly Program and Mentorship Opportunities

Scholarly Activity

All fellows are encouraged to participate in academic activities which may include clinical research, review articles, book chapters, or other academic or administrative projects. NYSORA publishes three gold-standard textbooks on regional anesthesia and pain medicine and our fellows take an active part in collaborating with the world’s key opinion leaders in producing the new editions of NYSORA’s textbooks. The NYSORA’s team has published the gold-standard textbooks on Regional anesthesia, Acute Pain Medicine and Peripheral Nerve Blocks. Our fellows actively participate in writing, editing and updating NYSORA’s textbooks and educational materials.

NYSORA's Textbooks

Introduction to Ultrasound

Training in ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block techniques through lectures and workshops, following the NYSORA’s 5-learning steps: 1) Ultrasound Machine, 2) hand-eye coordination, 3)Anatomy, 4) Principles of Practice and 5) Clinical Practice.
NYSORA’s Fellowship program includes specialized sessions, equipment and didactic material to master each of the five steps. Moreover, our fellows in last stage of their fellowship actively supervise assistants and residents, which allows them to mature into capable instructors and transfer knowledge to others.

EDRA Exam Preparation

NYSORA provides its fellows with access to the most comprehensive best instructional material for preparation for EDRA exam – NYSORA’s Compendium of Regional Anesthesia on NYSORALMS and PocketEdu.
NYSORA has also produced the a Self-Assessment and Review Text for preparation for board certification, EDRA and beyond. Our fellows actively participate in contributing to the bank of questions in the Self-Assessment book.

Simulation Education

Fellows regularly train with NYSORA’s simulators featuring 18 nerve block models design to acquire the hand-eye and clinical decision making skills in shortest time possible.
The hand-eye coordination is the rate-limiting step in becoming proficient with ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. Our fellows and residents train on NYSORA simulators to jump start their practice nearly instantly.

NYSORA Simulators

International Exposure

Fellows are encouraged to participate in optional clinical elective programs and experience exchange in collaboration with Duke University-NYSORA fellowship exchange program to deepen their clinical and academic experience.

Likewise, our fellows participate in NYSORA’s workshops and symposia internationally, which allows them to create and widen their own network and teaching experience.

Digital Media and e-Learning

Our fellows participate in development of NYSORA digital media projects, including NYSORA’s world-renowned website, NYSORA APPS, NYSORA Learning System (NYSORALMS). Fellows also actively contribute to the material in NYSORA’s global e-learning contents, such as Compendium of Regional Anesthesia, and NYSORA Nerve Block Manual.

NYSORA’s e-learning platforms are industry standard and trend setters in e-education in regional anesthesia, ultrasound, musculoskeletal, and acute pain medicine. Our trainees have an opportunity to contribute new, cutting-edge content and technologies for education world-wide.

NYSORA Writing camps

Writing sessions are organized throughout the year for the fellows and staff to foster their development of scientific writing skills. In group sessions at NYSORA’s conference room, the team meets to discuss the new literature, write new research protocols, engage in collaborative writing of teaching material (e.g. book chapters), and scientific papers.

Teaching at NYSORA Boutique Workshops

Participation as junior instructors at NYSORA’s workshops allows our fellows an opportunity to learn presentation skills in live teaching environment with international delegates. The delegates for NYSORA’s Boutique Workshops and Boot camps come from throughout the world, which is an ideal opportunity for our instructors and fellows to create and expand an international network, learn about international clinical practice of anesthesiology and develop formidable teaching skills. These are the skills they can then take to wherever they may practice after their fellowship to create their own teaching programs, fellowship, and regional anesthesia service.


Interested candidates should send their inquiry, motivational letter, and CV to

Contact: Imré Van Herreweghe ()