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August 17, 2023

Identifying and Classifying the Severity of Hydronephrosis

Hydronephrosis is characterized by obstructive uropathy and thus enlargement of one or […]

August 16, 2023

Tips for a Femoral Nerve Block

The femoral nerve block is one of the most clinically applicable nerve […]

August 10, 2023

Case study: Trigger finger – Injection

A 57-year-old woman presents with a history of chronic pain over the […]

August 8, 2023

Case study: Ultrasound-Guided Intercostal Nerve Block for Post-Herpetic Neuralgia

Case presentation A 48-year-old male patient presented with severe pain localized to […]

August 8, 2023

From the desk of Dr. Hadzic: The Case for Nerve Stimulators

Today we’re talking about nerve stimulation in conjunction with ultrasound-guided nerve blocks […]

August 7, 2023

Assessing Cerebral Vasospasm with Transcranial Doppler: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cerebral vasospasm is usually caused by subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) due to the […]

August 2, 2023

Tips for an Obturator Nerve Block: Distal Approach

The obturator nerve block is a regional anesthesia technique used for indications […]

July 31, 2023

POCUS App Update: The Ultimate Guide to Transcranial Doppler

New chapter In the buzzing world of Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS), we’ve seen […]

July 27, 2023

Case study: Carpal Tunnel Release

Case presentation​​ A 45-year-old female patient with a confirmed diagnosis of carpal […]

1. Third Occipital Nerve and Cervical Medial Branch Nerve Block
2. Cervical Zygapophyseal (Facet) Intra-Articular Injection
3. Cervical Nerve Root Block
4. Thoracic Paravertebral Block
5. Lumbar Facet Nerve Block and Intra-articular injection
6. Lumbar Nerve Root (Periradicular) Injections
7. Central Neuraxial Blocks
8. Caudal Epidural Injections
9. Sacroiliac Joint Injection
10. Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Block
11. Celiac Plexus Block and Neurolysis
12. Ilioinguinal, Iliohypogastric, and Genitofemoral Nerve block
13. Piriformis Muscle Injection
14. Pudendal Nerve block
15. Ganglion Impar Injection
16. Superficial Trigeminal Nerve Blocks
17. Greater Occipital Nerve Block
18. Cervical Sympathetic Block
19. Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block
20. Suprascapular Nerve Block
21. Intercostal Nerve Block
22. Subacromial/Subdeltoid Bursa Injections
23. Biceps Tendon Sheath (Biceps – Long Head) Injections
24. Acromioclavicular Joint Injections
25. Glenohumeral Joint Injections
26. Subscapularis Tendon/Subscapularis Bursa Injections
27. Sternoclavicular Joint Injections
28. Carpal Tunnel Injections
29. Trigger Finger Injections
30. Wrist Injections
31. Injections for Tendon Dysfunction
32. Elbow Injections
33. Intra-articular Hip Injections
34. Knee Injections
36. Atlanto-Axial and Atlanto-Occipital Joint Injections
37. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
38. Occipital Stimulation
39. Groin Stimulation
40. Cervical Diskography and Intradiskal Procedures