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Tips for the Cervical Nerve Root Block

March 31, 2023

The cervical nerve root block is an injection administered in the cervical spine, used often to help treat conditions such as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and radiculopathy.

Here are 3 tips to perform a cervical root nerve block

  1. Place the transducer transversely to the lateral aspect of the neck to obtain a short-axis view of the cervical spine.
  2. Visualize the cervical transverse process with the anterior and posterior tubercles as hyperechoic structures (“two-humped camel” sign), and the hypoechoic round-to-oval nerve root in between.
  3. Insert a 22-gauge blunt needle tip in-plane, from posterior to anterior, to target the cervical nerve root at the external foraminal opening between the anterior and posterior tubercles of the transverse process.



Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy


Comparison of sonoanatomy and reverse ultrasound anatomy for a cervical nerve root block.


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