Superficial Peroneal Nerve Block – Crash course with Dr. Hadzic


The block of the Superficial Peroneal Nerve (SPN) is crucial for complete anesthesia in patients having hallux valgus osteotomy, bunionectomy, hammertoe, and similar corrective operations on the distal foot. However, SPN nerves can be challenging to visualize on ultrasound and block in most patients. In the video, Dr. Hadzic shares NYSORA’s pro tips on how to identify and block the SPN nerve without difficulty by using surrogate, and easily recognizable structures.

Dr. Hadzic demonstrates 3 easy steps to scan from the tibia lateral to the fibula; visualize the connection of the fascia between anterior and lateral compartments, and block the SPN nerve in the triangular space. You can watch the video on NYSORA’s YouTube channel and be sure to hit the subscribe button and never miss new NYSORA teaching videos.

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