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The NYSORA Learning System is getting a makeover

October 27, 2021

Introducing: The NYSORA Learning Management System, a whole new approach to optimizing learning or teaching regional anesthesia. Use the platform to communicate with other experts in your field everywhere in the world.

LMS is the refreshed version of NYSORA’s pioneer educational platform, the NYSORA LMS. With tons of new features, content, and visuals all personalized to fit your needs, the LMS is the ultimate online system, whether you’re learning, teaching, or practicing regional anesthesia.

With the introduction of the NYSORA LMS, NYSORA has also developed a revolutionary community feature. Create connections, discuss lessons, and build your professional circle with experts from all over the world.

The NYSORA team listens to the needs and obstacles of our subscribers – and tackles them with carefully developed educational tools created by NYSORA’s top team of designers, artists, and 3D animators. Our illustrations, videos, and animations will facilitate your educational journey from start to finish.

The new system includes over 60 practical chapters on everything you need to know about regional anesthesia. Find step-by-step technique walkthroughs, choice of local anesthetic, sensory block distribution – and much more, all in one convenient place.

Gain full access to the best and latest of NYSORA, organized for maximum utility, and standardized for teaching or learning regional anesthesia across the globe by subscribing to the NYSORA LMS today.

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