Nerve Blocks App now available on your tablet!

We have upgraded the tablet view for you to learn or teach nerve blocks. Simply download the app on your tablet and start your learning experience!


Why is learning on your tablet a good experience?


You would use a tablet for reading, making notes and watching videos or even for learning. These are all activities that take up a lot of time in comparison to mobile devices. While you could use your phone for these activities, tablets are much better suited as the screen is a lot larger. That is why NYSORA Nerve Blocks App has an adapted tablet view for better learning or teaching of nerve blocks. Tablets, because of their larger screen sizes, are more likely to provide higher resolution. Using a larger screen size than a smartphone is capable of, tablets have the potential to display greater amounts of information on screen. Since NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks app is packed with a teaching collection of must-haves for anatomy images, videos, and reverse ultrasound illustrations and animations created by NYSORA we figured that having an adapted tablet view is very beneficial to our community.

Learn more about NYSORA Nerve Blocks and why it is the most authoritative guide on nerve block techniques on your mobile device here:

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