Dr. Hadzic Explains Anesthesia For Carpal Tunnel Surgery

In this video, Dr. Hadzic explains why distal peripheral nerve blocks, such as wrist block is the best anesthesia technique for carpal tunnel surgery. He also talks about the differences between the WALANT technique (Wide Awake Anesthesia No Tourniquet) and wrist blocks. He then demonstrates the principles of median and ulnar nerve blocks for Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the video for some colleagues may be the part where he teaches the resident how to perform and manage anesthesia for carpal tunnel surgery using ultrasound-guided forearm injections for median and ulnar nerves.

Finally, Dr. Hadzic explains how a dedicated orthopedic anesthesia service can make a huge difference in the operating room efficiency, using an example at NYSORA Europe center in ZOL, Genk, Belgium.

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