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Anesthesia Summit: A New NYSORA Educational Classic

May 17, 2023

The three-day program of the first Anesthesia Summit kicked off last Friday, bringing together top medical professionals and companies shaping the future in the fields of Anesthesiology, Ultrasound, MSK, and Pain Medicine.

It has been a long time since I considered a congress worthwhile. Will recommend it to my collaegues.

What truly set the NYSORA Summit 2023 apart was the interdisciplinary nature of the conference. The inclusion of professionals from different specialties, such as anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, and pain specialists, fostered an environment of collaboration and shared learning. The opportunity to engage in discussions and exchange ideas with experts from various backgrounds added immense value to the conference experience.

Scaling New Heights in Educational Content

The diverse range of topics covered during the conference showcased the commitment to providing attendees with a comprehensive and cutting-edge educational experience. From regional anesthesia techniques to advances in pain management and perioperative care, to real-practice fast tracking protocols, the conference had something to offer everyone.

Fantastic conference, can’t wait for the next!

The lineup of speakers was nothing short of outstanding. Renowned experts from various disciplines within anesthesia and orthopedic surgery delivered engaging and insightful presentations, sharing their expertise and knowledge with enthusiasm. Each session was planned to leave attendees with a wealth of new information and practical insights to apply in their clinical practice.

Setting Standards in the Evolution of POCUS

POCUS was one of the most popular topics with all seats filled and the agenda covering everything from what it is and real case discussions to live demonstrations. During the Anesthesia Summit, NYSORA launched a brand-new app authored by Dr. Ray Imre Van Herreweghe. The app aims to empower healthcare professionals with advanced guidance on POCUS wherever they go and features 30 courses in 7 categories with more than 180 NYSORA illustrations. 

Learn more about the POCUS app HERE

The Central Medical Event at the Heart of Europe

The venue in Leuven provided a picturesque backdrop for the conference. Leuven is located at the heart of Europe, mere 15 minutes by train from Brussels, the administrative center of the European Union where major airlines and railways intersect, allowing delegates from around the world to effortlessly join for NYSORA’s first Anesthesia Summit. 

Was really happy with the materials and content. Not too large a meeting, excellent focused content from practitioners. Delighted with my complimentary compendium access for a year. Feeling inspired and enthused. Liked Leuven – it was a lovely venue. Will probably come again, or consider joining the boot camp/ accessing other NYSORA courses.

The city’s historical charm and vibrant atmosphere added an extra layer of delight to the overall experience. Furthermore, the organizers ensured a seamless and enjoyable conference experience by providing excellent facilities, comfortable accommodations, and delightful networking opportunities.

The NYSORA Summit 2023 exceeded all expectations and left a lasting impression. The conference provided a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, cutting-edge education, and networking opportunities, all set against the backdrop of the charming city of Leuven. Attending this conference was truly an unforgettable experience and the First Edition of something truly outstanding that will take place annually in Leuven with great anticipation by everyone who took part in it.

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