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Written by the leading authority in Veterinary Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia, Robert Trujanovic, DVM, Vienna, Austria Veterinary RA APP features the most practical Regional Anesthesia Techniques.

Learn everything about veterinary regional anesthesia, ultrasound-guided nerve blocks, joint injections, and LA infiltration techniques

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Gain access to the most authoritative guide on regional anesthesia Canine techniques including: Subscalenic Block, Radial Ulnar Median Musculocutaneous Block, Serratus Plane Block, Intercostal Block (ICNB), Transversus Abdominis Plane Block, Quadratus Lumborum block, Rectus Sheath Block (RSB), Saphenous Block, Sciatic Block, Femoral Block, Erector Spinea Plane Block, Paravertebral Blocks, Lumbosacral Trunk Block, Epidural, Ear blocks etc.

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  • Clear images, illustrations, ultrasound images and functional anatomy;
  • Rich library of cognitive aids 
  • Practical ultrasound-guided nerve blocks;
  • Standardized, tried-and-true approach to Vet nerve blocks
  • Tips on how to optimize imaging and success
  • Practical decision-making process
  • Loaded with practical clinical tips; 
  • Regularly enhanced by NYSORA’s illustrations and animations.

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Gain access to the most authoritative guide on ultrasound-guided Veterinary RA on ESP Nerve Block, Epidural, ear block procedures, nerve blocks and more… 

Extensive Image Gallery​

Clear images, illustrations, ultrasound images, functional anatomy and practical ultrasound-guided nerve blocks

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Featuring tried-and-true US-guided Vet blocks techniques used by practitioners worldwide!

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Highly practical clinical pharmacology of local anesthetics

The most practical App on ultrasound-guided and traditional veterinary nerve blocks and LA infiltration techniques!

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