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NYSORA Press Announces Launch of Bestselling “Manual on Difficult IV Access”

March 15, 2024

New York, NY, March 15, 2024

NYSORA Press is thrilled to announce the release of its latest publication, “Manual on Difficult IV Access,” which has quickly become a bestseller. Authored by Dr. Hadzic and NYSORA’s team of educators, created this manual as a direct response to the widespread challenges healthcare professionals face with IV access, especially in patients with difficult veins.

Originating from the success of NYSORA’s viral IV technique videos on their YouTube channel, this manual distills years of anesthesiology expertise into practical, real-world advice. It is designed to empower medical professionals, from nurses to paramedics, with the knowledge and skills to improve their IV access techniques.

The “Manual on Difficult IV Access” is a comprehensive resource featuring over 400 clinical photographs of actual patients, illustrations by NYSORA’s artists, and detailed step-by-step guides, and exclusive video tutorials accessible via QR code. The videos are featured on NYSORA’s LMS, an online portfolio of educational products, featuring access to video tutorials. These materials are curated to assist healthcare professionals in mastering both traditional and ultrasound-guided IV access methods. 

What sets this manual apart is its focus on practical, hands-on advice that goes beyond the theoretical knowledge found in textbooks. It shares the secrets of anesthesiologists, known as the “IV wizards,” who are often called upon when others face challenges with tricky veins. This manual aims to equip readers with the tips and techniques to become the go-to IV expert in any medical setting.

Investing in the “Manual on Difficult IV Access” is more than just adding another book to medical professionals’ toolkit; it’s about transforming your approach to patient care. This one-time investment promises to revolutionize one’s professional life for years to come. 

Currently available as a soft-cover book on amazon.com, like other NYSORA’s books the IV MANUAL will also be available as an App to compliment growing portfolio of NYSORA’s apps on Apple Store and Google Play, and on NYSORA’s e-learning courses platform NYSORA LMS.

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