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POCUS App Update: The Ultimate Guide to Transcranial Doppler

New chapter

In the buzzing world of Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS), we’ve seen an explosion of workshops and conferences, each promising to empower clinicians with the skills and expertise to integrate POCUS into their practice. But mastery of POCUS is not achieved in a single workshop. It demands a deeper dive into the core principles, a fresh exploration of anatomy, and a solid grasp of sonographic techniques. This is where NYSORA steps in.

We created the NYSORA POCUS app, integrating our trademark cognitive aids – award-winning illustrations, animations, and videos – to accelerate your knowledge acquisition journey. Leveraging our unique teaching strategies, the POCUS app already became a bestseller. But now, we’re taking a quantum leap.

Together with the renowned expert Dr. Marc Vanhoof, NYSORA’s own Dr. Ray just added an amazing new module to the POCUS app: The Ultimate Guide to Transcranial Doppler (TCD)! This transformative tool simplifies the complex world of TCD, translating it into easy-to-understand, real-world clinical scenario modules.

The NYSORA’s POCUS app and its new “Ultimate Guide to TCD” is your one-stop resource for mastering POCUS and enhancing patient care. We invite you to dive into the POCUS app, explore the TCD guide, and experience first-hand how this tool can elevate your practice.

It’s time to surf the waves of the POCUS app, unlock the secrets of the TCD guide, and discover how this game-changing tool can turbocharge your practice. Ready for an epic ultrasound POCUS skills upgrade? Dive in and ride the POCUS wave to the top!

Just added: Transcranial Doppler content

Cerebral vasospasm

TCD allows to measure blood flow velocity, alerting physicians to the severity of the vasospasm and enabling them to make informed decisions in patient care.

Intracranial hypertension

TCD can detect increases in intracranial pressure and allows doctors to take proactive measures to prevent further deterioration.

Cerebral circulatory arrest

TCD helps identify the loss of cerebral circulation.

Midline shift

TCD is able to measure the distance towards the third ventricle, providing a reliable assessment of the severity of midline shift.


NYSORA’s latest POCUS app offers a comprehensive guide to transcranial Doppler, a crucial tool for the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders. The app’s rich content also encompasses chapters on Vascular, Lung, Abdominal, Renal, Cardiac, and eFAST, providing a well-rounded resource that covers a wide spectrum of medical scenarios. Seamlessly combining expertise and technology, NYSORA’s POCUS app is a must-have companion for healthcare practitioners seeking to enhance their diagnostic capabilities and deliver exceptional patient care.