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Anesthesiologists & Burnout in the Digital Age

The digital transformation carries the risk of increased workload and potential burnout. The constant connectivity that technology enables can blur the lines between work and personal time, leading to an “always-on” work culture. This can exacerbate stress and contribute to burnout among healthcare professionals, including anesthesiologists.

Additionally, the time and cognitive load required to manage EHRs and other digital tools can be significant, potentially taking away from patient care and increasing work hours. Digital technology can improve efficiency, accessibility, and precision in anesthesiology. The electronic health records (EHRs) can streamline patient information management, digital monitoring systems can track patient status more accurately, and telemedicine can allow for remote consultations.

However, it’s crucial that the digital transformation in healthcare is shaped in a way that supports healthcare professionals and prioritizes patient care, rather than adding to the burden of an already demanding profession.

In this video, Dr Hadzic breaks down the causes of additional stress to anesthesiologists with increased digitalization of the anesthesia care. You can think of the video as “Dr. Hadzic’s Guide to Surviving the Digital Overload: No Anesthesiologist Left Behind!”