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Case study: Achilles tendon repair

September 19, 2023

Case presentation
A 44-year-old male patient presented with a history of a sports-related Achilles tendon tear. The tear was causing substantial pain, restricted mobility, and hindered his daily activities. The decision was made to proceed with Achilles tendon repair surgery to restore tendon function and alleviate the patient’s discomfort.

Nerve block techniques
In order to ensure effective regional anesthesia and optimize patient comfort during the Achilles tendon repair surgery, the following nerve block techniques were employed:

  • Popliteal sciatic nerve block: A single injection of 20 mL of 0.5% ropivacaine was administered into the sciatic nerve sheath in the popliteal fossa. This technique aimed to provide comprehensive anesthesia to the posterior aspect of the leg, including the surgical site. By targeting the sciatic nerve, the popliteal block successfully blocked pain transmission from the surgical area.
  • Femoral nerve block: Considering the use of a leg tourniquet during the procedure, a supplementary femoral nerve block was performed for enhanced patient comfort. A 10 mL injection of 2% lidocaine was administered to provide a sensory block in the anterior and medial thigh region. The femoral nerve block contributed to a more comfortable surgical experience for the patient.

Patient outcome
The combination of the popliteal and femoral nerve blocks resulted in effective anesthesia for the Achilles tendon repair surgery. The patient reported minimal pain and discomfort during the recovery phase, demonstrating the success of the nerve block techniques in alleviating pain. The surgical repair was successful, and the patient’s mobility and quality of life gradually improved as the healing process continued.

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