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Ultrasound-Guided Forearm Block

Upper Extremity

A B C Figure 1: (A) Radial nerve block above the elbow. The needle is inserted in-plane from lateral to medial direction. (B) Median nerve block at the level of the midforearm. (C) Ulnar nerve block at the level of…

Equipment for Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Foundations of Regional Anesthesia

Ali Nima Shariat, Patrick M. Horan, Kimberly Gratenstein, Colleen McCally, and Ashton P. Frulla Introduction Over the past several decades, regional anesthesia equipment has undergone substantial technological advances. Historically, the development and consequent introduction of the portable nerve stimulator to…

Monitoring and Documentation

Foundations of Regional Anesthesia

AUTHOR: Jeff Gadsden Introduction The incidence of complications from general anesthesia has diminished substantially in recent decades, largely due to advances in respiratory monitoring. (1) The use of objective monitors such as pulse oximetry and capnography allows anesthesiologists to quickly…

Ultrasound-Guided Superficial Cervical Plexus Block

Upper Extremity

Figure 1: Needle and transducer position to block the superficial cervical plexus using a transverse view. Essentials  Indications: carotid endarterectomy, superficial neck surgery  Transducer position: transverse over the midpoint of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (posterior border)  Goal: local anesthetic spread around…

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