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Optimizing an Ultrasound Image


Optimizing an Ultrasound Image Based on Hadzic’s Textbook of RAPM 2nd Ed 2017Daquan Xu, Shaun De Meirsman, and Ruben Schreurs INTRODUCTION Optimizing an ultrasound image is an essential skill during ultrasound-guided nerve blockade. Anatomically, a peripheral nerve is always located…

Anatomy Of The Lumbosacral Spine


Descriptive anatomy of the lumbosacral spine: The lower extent of the spinal cord, the conus medullaris (1) ends in the adult at approximately L1. The line between the iliac crests, Tuffier’s line, most often crosses through the L4 spine. A…

Thoraco Lumbar Paravertebral Block

Landmark Based

Overview  Indications: Inguinal hernia surgery, lateral abdominal wall surgery  Landmarks:                      Spinal processes T9-L5 (the number and location of levels chosen for each indication)                      Transverse process  Needle insertion: 2 cm lateral to midline  Target goal: Needle insertion 1 cm past the…

Ankle Block

Lower Extermity

Figure 1: Needle insertion for saphenous nerve block of the ankle. Essentials Indications: surgery of the foot and toes Two deep nerves: posterior tibial, deep peroneal Three superficial nerves: superficial peroneal, sural, saphenous Local anesthetic: 5-6 mL per nerve General…

Active Femoral Block Poll

Active Femoral Block: Quadriceps muscle weakness and short duration of analgesia with single-injection blocks may limited its use for analgesia after TKR. Describe the pattern in your practice:
  • 13.27%
  • 15.31%
  • 25.51%
  • 3.06%
  • 42.86%

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