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Surface Anatomy Figure

Human Anatomy

   Surface Anatomy Figure Surface Landmarks: Upper body anterior view of face, neck, and upper chest Surface Landmarks: Upper body profile view of face, neck, and upper chest Surface Landmarks: Upper body including chest, torso, and upper arms Surface Landmarks:…

Intercostal Block


Figure 1: Intercostal nerve block: Patient position and needle insertion. Essentials Indications: thoracic or upper abdominal surgery, rib fractures, breast surgery Landmarks: angle of the rib (6-8 cm lateral to the spinous process) Needle insertion: Under the rib with approximately…

Local & Regional Anesthesia for Eye Surgery

Sub Specialties

— Authors: Jacques Ripart, MD; Kenneth Mehrige, MD; Robert Della Rocca, MD Introduction Ophthalmic surgery is one of the most frequent surgical procedures requiring anesthesia in developed countries.(1) Perioperative morbidity and mortality rates associated with eye (eg, cataract) surgery are…

Digital Nerve Block

Upper Extermity

A digital block is the technique of blocking the nerves of the digits to achieve anesthesia of the finger(s). This technique is simple to perform and essentially devoid of systemic complications. It is a commonly used and effective method of…

Axillary Brachial Plexus Block


Figure 1: The needle is inserted toward the axillary artery (line) until either motor response of the hand or arterial blood on aspiration is obtained. Essentials Indications: forearm and hand surgery Landmarks: axillary artery pulse Any of the following three…

Keys To Success With Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Regional Anesthesia

Peripheral nerve block anesthesia offers many clinical advantages that contribute to both an improved patient outcome and lower overall healthcare costs. Peripheral nerve blocks provide excellent anesthesia and postoperative pain relief, fewer side effects than general anesthesia, and facilitate early physical activity.

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