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Visit the Anesthesia Summit in Leuven, Belgium

January 27, 2023

Welcome to NYSORA’s Anesthesia Summit in Leuven, Belgium! We are excited to invite you to this unique opportunity for anesthesia, pain, ultrasound, and MSK professionals to learn, network, and explore the latest advances in our fields. This year’s Summit will feature keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and panel discussions on a variety of topics, with carefully selected networking spots bringing the Tomorrow Land feel.


Why you should attend the Anesthesia Summit

Attending the Anesthesia Summit in Leuven, Belgium should certainly be high on anyone’s to-do list this year. The event is a golden opportunity for those interested in anesthesia to learn from and interact with some of the field’s most innovative experts. From lecturers and live demonstrations to pro and con debates, all aspects of the Summit have been designed to ensure that attendees come away with an unparalleled understanding of the latest developments in medical care. 

A night shift you will actually look forward to

As we wanted to offer an experience much like Tomorrowland, we have made arrangements for our attendees to network and socialize in relaxed settings. After the lectures and demonstrations have ended for the day, you will have the opportunity to experience Belgium’s nightlife to its fullest. We have organized night shifts to visit bars and restaurants reserved exclusively for Summit delegates. This will allow you to continue the conversations and connections made during the conference in a more informal setting, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among attendees. This will enhance the overall conference experience and make it more memorable for all involved.


What you will learn at the Anesthesia Summit

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, the Anesthesia Summit is a great way to learn more about the latest advancements in the fields of Anesthesiology, Ultrasound, MSK, and Pain Medicine.

How you can benefit from attending the Anesthesia Summit

Attending the Anesthesia Summit can be incredibly beneficial to anyone interested in the practice of anesthesia, ultrasound, pain, and MSK. Attendees will learn from top-tier experts in all of these fields and gain insights into the newest advancements and developments. With presentations, panels, and interactive workshops, as well as special events such as networking opportunities and career fairs, the Anesthesia Summit offers something for everyone. Furthermore, taking advantage of the conference’s expansive exhibit hall allows attendees to gain access to a wide range of vendors and products related to their particular interests. Whether you’re an experienced professional looking for new ways to advance your career or a beginner just getting started with anesthesiology, attending the Anesthesia Summit can lead to great discoveries and memorable experiences.

 After the Summit, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze and discuss the latest developments in the general field of anesthesiology
  2. Improve their understanding of ERAS protocols and be able to implement them in their practice.
  3. Design a plan on how to implement fast-track protocols for hip and knee replacement surgery.
  4. Understand the value of POCUS and be able to implement POCUS basics in their own practice.
  5. Be able to identify patients who would benefit from POCUS and its application in daily practice.
  6. Devise an effective workflow to improve patient outcomes and delivery of care.

Who should attend Anesthesia Summit

Anesthesia Summit is the perfect event for any healthcare professional who wants to stay on top of the latest best practices in anesthesia and patient care. From experienced medical professionals to those just starting their path toward a career in healthcare, there’s something for everyone at Anesthesia Summit. Whether you are seeking fresh ideas or need a review, this summit promises to challenge and educate you in the field of anesthesia – making it an essential for any healthcare professional striving for excellence in patient care.

When and where is Anesthesia Summit taking place

Taking place May 12-14, this summit offers three days of informative lectures and demonstrations geared toward anesthesiologists. This unique learning experience is further enhanced by visiting Leuven, one of Europe’s oldest cities full of rich cultural heritage and fascinating attractions. From local eateries serving delicious cuisine to delightful outdoor exploring through lush green parks, there’s something wonderful awaiting you at every corner. With so much included – learning and leisure – don’t miss out on the Anesthesia Summit in Leuven!

Register today

With so many incredible speakers and topics covered, Anesthesia Summit is an event that you do not want to miss. You will have the opportunity to network with other professionals, learn from industry-leading experts, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in anesthesia. Register today and make sure to take advantage of early bird pricing – we hope to see you in Leuven!

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