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NYSORA's Nerve Block Mobile App ​

Access what you need, when you need it. Download the Nerve Block app for free.

Keep all nerve block techniques in your pocket

Standardized approach to PNBs

Step-by-step guide

Extensive library of cognitive aids

How to choose the right LA

Comprehensive image gallery

Technique algorithms

Why download NYSORA Nerve Block app?

Proprietary educational tools

Access a rich collection of teaching videos for faster and greater knowledge retention

3D anatomy videos

Understand the 3D perspective of the human body and the crucial importance of fascial planes in PNBs

Local anesthetic choice

Learn how to choose the best LA in each case; often the difference between a success and a failure

Standardized lessons

Easy to follow step by step guide to all major nerve blocks in the palm of your hand

NYSORA's Nerve Block Mobile App 

NYSORA’s Regional Anesthesia App is the most practical and reliable reference guide to ultrasound-guided nerve blocks featuring:
  • Standardized regional anesthesia procedures and management protocols;
  • Most clinically applicable excerpts from NYSORA’s best selling textbooks
  • Easy-to-navigate menu with a comprehensive collection of regional anesthesia techniques for head and neck, upper extremity, lower extremity, thoracic, and abdominal wall blocks
  • NYSORA’s trademark functional regional anatomy and reverse ultrasound anatomy used in lectures by instructors worldwide
  • Sensory and motor block, patient positioning, landmarks, and logical step-by-step technique instructions
  • The most popular tips from NYSORA’s fabled boutique ultrasound-guided nerve block workshops
  • Updated, algorithm-driven approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of nerve injury and local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST)
  • Teaching collection of must-haves for anatomy images, videos, and reverse ultrasound illustrations created by NYSORA
  • Study material for ultrasound certification
  • Continuous addition of new updates, teaching material, ultrasound images, and videos