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NYSORA Regional Anesthesia Boot Camp Webinar

Good news for those of you who missed the opportunity to attend NYSORA’s first online Boot Camp! You can now watch the entire webinar on our YouTube channel.

This clinically oriented webinar was structured to offer participants back-to-back information on all practical aspects of regional anesthesia in COVID-19 and beyond. Join Dr Admir Hadzic in actual patient management at NYSORA Europe Regional Anesthesia Center in ZOL Hospital (Genk, Belgium).

Think of it as a virtual Boot Camp with the most practical clinical demonstrations, featuring material from the immensely popular NYSORA Nerve Blocks mobile app!

• Hands on technique and clinical demonstration of monitoring of peripheral nerve block procedures
• Demonstration of needle nerve contacts and maneuvers to inject local anesthetic safely
• Clinical examples of successful local anesthetic distribution
• Step by step standardized approach to most extremity block procedures
• Anatomy pattern recognition in patients and Patient management protocols