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NYSORA is the leader in Continuing Medical Education through eLearning. NYSORA’s learning utilizes electronic technologies to access free and subscription-based educational curriculum, outside of a traditional classroom. The LMS  features cutting edge courses, programs and CME certificates delivered completely online.

The NYSORA Regional Anesthesia Learning System™️ (LMS) is the best of NYSORA optimized for desktop use. It is a growing educational platform with extensive educational content that is added continuously and updated in real-time. Ideal for training residents or a digital manual of regional anesthesia procedures. It also includes point of care ultrasound and NYSORA’s new Cognitive Priming Learning System™.

The educational platform features NYSORA’s proprietary teaching materials:

  • Comprehensive collection of regional anesthesia techniques
  • Point of care ultrasound
  • Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy™️
  • Live Teaching Videos™️
  • NYSORA Simulators™️
  • Acute pain management protocols
  • Animated block procedures
  • Patient positioning
  • Clear illustrations on sensory – motor coverage
  • Decision-making algorithms
  • Patient management protocols
  • LAST management
  • Neurologic complications, prevention and management

NYSORA partners with some of the most sought-after point of care ultrasound educators and You-Tube channels to recommend additional educational material that meets NYSORA standards.
The platform is user-friendly and utilizes NYSORA’s new Cognitive Priming Learning™️ to facilitate understanding, knowledge acquisition, and retention. The NYSORA LMS also features an updated algorithm-driven approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of nerve injury and local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST).