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Try Out the NYSORA Nerve Blocks App for Free

December 3, 2021

The NYSORA team has decided to unlock all of the exclusive Nerve Blocks content for a 7-day free trial during the month of December. We want to show you what’s new, and why Nerve Blocks is simply the best resource for learning and teaching regional anesthesia.

By unlocking the app, join over 80k+ of your colleagues who never went back after using the Nerve Blocks app in their day-to-day. Learn more about the app here. 

Because we know that you share our passion for regional anesthesia, we are inviting you to start the 7-day trial of the all-new edition of NYSORA’s popular Nerve Blocks mobile app. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The Nerve Blocks app is the most practically condensed format of the entire practice of PNBs. Some colleagues have called it NYSORA’s skinny – with only the essentials for clinical practice in one place.
  • Nerve Blocks is the go-to app whether you need an anatomy refresher or to check indications right before performing or teaching a nerve block technique. The app is organized to simplify finding the information you need, while still leaving space for personalization.
  • With the new community feature, you can even post a question to get feedback from the NYSORA Nerve Blocks app community.
  • This is the only app that features reverse ultrasound anatomy illustrations and animations, developed to assist in learning ultrasound anatomy pattern recognition.

Subscribe to the app to access the 7-day free trial; we are confident that you will not go back.

Feel free to send us your feedback – we’re constantly trying to improve Nerve Blocks for our users (

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