Patients Benefit When Anesthesiologists And Ortho Surgeons Team Up!

In this week’s Crash Course, Dr. Hadzic demonstrates an ultrasound-guided injection of methylprednisolone in a patient with acute Posterior Tibial Tendon inflammation. As anesthesiologists amass the point of care ultrasound in the preoperative area, we are increasingly more often asked to help our orthopedic surgery colleagues and podiatrists with their patients.
As an example, intrasheath injection of steroids in patients with posterior tibialis inflammation can be curative in some patients, but it is often considered controversial due to the risk of needle-tendon injury and tendon rupture. However, ultrasound-guided injection avoids the risk of tendon injury and who is better suited than regional anesthesiologists with their skills in ultrasound, sono-anatomy and hand-eye coordination?
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