NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks App Gets Even Better!

We thank you for being a member of the NYSORA NERVE BLOCK APP community! We listened to your suggestions for improvements and here comes the largest upgrade to-date! To make the massive upgrade feasible, our monthly subscription will increase by mere 3$.

Content galore – over 200 new additions are coming.

Thanks to your feedback, NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks app is ready to graduate from the testing, beta-phase into the very best Nerve Block App with the latest IT technology! The upgraded app  will feature over 200 new animations, illustrations, clinical images and videos, and new techniques.

New translations are on the way, too.

We currently have translations available in Portugese, French and Dutch, but translations into Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese are in preparation. Our team is also working hard to introduce more great features and functionalities, such as a discussion-based community where the users can discuss and contribute their experiences, images, and videos of their own techniques.

What you need to know.

In order to make this huge leap in technology and content, we must increase the monthly subscription for NEW users. This small price increase (that can’t even buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks) will ensure that you always have the BEST of NYSORA on your mobile. In its philanthropic educational mission, NYSORA will continue to subsidize the content for the medical professionals in the developing world. 

Check out an amazing sample of the multimedia material and cognitive aids built into NYSORA Nerve Block App. Visit  https://go.nysora.com/nerve-block-app/and test drive the free courses. 


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