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Never Miss a Beat: NEW News Section Now on the Nerve Blocks App

June 11, 2021

We are excited to share thrilling news with our community! Our users will now receive weekly educational updates on Nerve Blocks in their News section on the NYSORA App! You can now easily follow the latest trends, techniques and cutting-edge information. You will now be able to track all new material, including logical, highly didactic anatomy illustrations, animations & videos to all clinically useful nerve blocks and fascial injections.


Simply go to your Nerve Blocks App and enter the News section placed in the middle of the menu bar. There you will be able to access the latest trends and App updates as well as NYSORA’s lates educational articles, videos and visuals. Our users will receive weekly updates in the news section so make sure to watch out for new additions. Our educational value benefits thousands of students and professionals who use the Nerve Blocks app. We are committed to continually expanding our educational resources utilizing our 20 years experience of transferring knowledge worldwide. Since many medical professionals in different countries use NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks App, NYSORA has decided to start translating the application. You can also select the Portuguese, Dutch, English or French language in your account settings and you are all set!

To download the Nerve Blocks App and test out the free courses click here and get everything you need to learn or teach nerve blocks.


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