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How You Help Us Promote Free Education

December 7, 2022

At NYSORA, we are driven by the mission to connect with practitioners seeking first-class, accessible, and free medical content – wherever they are in the world, and regardless of their financial situation. Last month, you helped us move one step further toward that goal. 

Academia is notorious for reluctantly responding to new ways of engaging, delivering content, and getting involved with any methods it suspects of being too “commercial!” However, we knew that we ran the risk of vital new medical knowledge going unnoticed if we ignored the preferences and needs of a 24/7 connected audience. So, we decided to meet the knowledge-hungry audience where they are – online! 

How you help us make a difference

YouTube and the community we’re building there with you are helping us in our mission to deliver high-quality, free medical education content to whoever needs it. That’s why we are grateful for every subscriber to the NYSORA channel. Every like, comment, and share matters. It increases the visibility of our free educational content, lets us know that we are heading in the right direction, and propels us forward to create more great content. 

We set ourselves the target of 100,000 subscribers to the channel by the end of this year, mainly because “what gets measured, gets done”! Yet, you helped us reach 100K subscribers more than a month ahead of the target. And for that, we’re forever grateful. We would have never been able to reach so many people without the NYSORA community. 

Everyone who joins the NYSORA YouTube community contributes to our mission of making great video educational content available to all. If you are ready to be part of it, join our community

“Trying something new” is often thought to be a high-risk strategy, but in today’s rapidly-evolving world, “standing still” carries the greater risk.

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