NYSORA Nerve Blocks App now available in Portuguese Language!

Good news for all NYSORA’s Portuguese-speaking users! Since many medical professionals in Brazil and Portugal use NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks App, NYSORA has decided to release a Portuguese version of the application. Simply update your app to the newest version and select the Portuguese language in your account settings and you are all set!

NYSORA’s team has worked hard with Dr. Mauricio Magalhaes on translating the application. Dr. Magalhaes said that he is “a great admirer of NYSORA” and that he immensely enjoyed working with NYSORA’s team on NYSORA Nerve Blocks App translation. When asked about the significance of the Portuguese translation, Dr. Magalhaes said: “More than 260 million people in more than 10 countries speak Portuguese language. NYSORA’s Portuguese translation of the Nerve Block App bridges the language barrier.” 

He firmly believes that the translation into a “native language” solution will improve the learning process and dissemination of knowledge. He also added: “I’ve always been a fan of NYSORA. I started following NYSORA’s social networks and YouTube channel. Attending NYSORA’s Boot Camp in Europe changed my life. These boot camps are an amazing immersion in regional anesthesia. Having NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks App at the “touch of your hands” is of tremendous help. #lifechanging. I always use it.”

Dr. Magalhaes also wanted to share a message for the new generation of anesthesiologists: “Never stop learning. Learn something new in every chance life gives you!  And NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks App is here to help you.”


Here are the steps you need to take to change the language from English to Portuguese:


If you encounter any issues while changing your language from English to Portuguese contact us at info@nysora.com!

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