Konica Minolta

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Multidisciplinary Symposium

With a focus on the role of opioid sparing regional anesthesia techniques


University of North Texas Health Science Center
1000 Montgomery
Fort Worth, Texas 76107



The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery MultiDisciplinary Symposium is designed to meet the demand of the anesthesia and surgical communities, to learn how to implement successful ERAS programs for orthopedic, colorectal, and breast surgery with a focus on the role of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia and multimodal analgesia. Drs. Bowling and Teames, the nationally recognized co-moderators of the symposium, have led and developed successful ERAS
programs, and understand that implementation of an ERAS program requires a multidisciplinary team approach and a goal-oriented functional recovery program. A lack of collaboration between surgeons, anesthesiologists, administrators, and pharmacists, in addition to an absence of appreciation for the critical role of opioid sparing anesthesia and analgesia, are common stumbling blocks for ERAS programs. This conference will teach participants the tools
needed to overcome these obstacles to ensure successful program development.

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