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Case study: Lumbar canal stenosis – Injection

January 18, 2024

A 63-year-old woman presents with chronic lower back pain, lasting for 2 years. She does not have any other health conditions and has not experienced any injuries. The patient suffers from continuous pain in her right lower limb, which worsens when she walks. Neither NSAIDs nor gabapentin have been effective in alleviating this pain.

Physical examination

  • Paramedian lower back pain
  • Unable to walk straight due to paraspinal muscle spasm
  • Straight leg raise test: Negative
  • FABER test: Negative
  • Femoral stretch test: Negative


Ultrasound has no diagnostic value for lower back pain.

X-ray lumbosacral spine

  • Spondylotic changes of the lower lumbar vertebrae
  • Right sacroiliac joint arthropathy

X-ray image of the lumbosacral spine.


  • Bulging of L1-L5 discs, causing canal stenosis

MRI imaging of the lumbar spine revealed multilevel disc collapse.


The patient was diagnosed with lumbar canal stenosis, a condition known for causing leg and back pain. It is characterized by a narrowing in the vertebra’s central canal, lateral recess, or neural foramen.

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