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Oral and Maxillofacial Regional Anesthesia

Head and Neck Blocks

Authors: Benaifer D. Dubash, DMD; Adam T. Hershkin, DMD; Paul J. Seider, DMD; Gregory M. Casey, DMD Affiliation: St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral surgical and dental procedures are routinely performed in an outpatient setting….

Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block

Upper Extermity

Figure 1: Needle insertion for interscalene brachial plexus block. The needle is inserted between palpating fingers that are positioned in the scalene groove (between anterior and middle scalene muscles). 1 = sternal head of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. 2 = clavicular…

Ultrasound Guided Obturator Nerve Block

Lower Extremity

Figure 1: Needle insertion using an in-plane technique to accomplish an obturator nerve block. Essentials  Indications: Relief of painful adductor muscle contractions, top revent adduction of thigh during transurethral    bladder surgery, additional analgesia after major knee surgery  Transducer position: Medial…

Ankle Block

Lower Extermity

Figure 1: Needle insertion for saphenous nerve block of the ankle. Essentials Indications: surgery of the foot and toes Two deep nerves: posterior tibial, deep peroneal Three superficial nerves: superficial peroneal, sural, saphenous Local anesthetic: 5-6 mL per nerve General…

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