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JNYSORA Volume 8

The Use of Regional Anesthesia in Ambulatory Anesthesia Practice

While peripheral nerve blocks offer many potential advantages in ambulatory patients, and many anesthesiologists feel that their use will increase in the future, a vast ... Full story

Peripheral Nerve Blocks For Ambulatory Surgery Of The Lower Extremity

Author: Admir Hadzic, MD, PhD & Jerry D. Vloka, MD, PhD Since 1990s virtually all minor surgery and a substantial proportion of major surgery in the ... Full story

Peripheral Nerve Blocks For Short Saphenous Vein Stripping In Outpatients: A Comparison With Spinal Anesthesia

Based on: "Vloka JD, Hadzic A, Mulcare R, Lesser JB, Koorn R, Thys DM. Combined blocks of the sciatic nerve at the popliteal fossa and ... Full story

Simplified Landmarks For Popliteal Block

In the current study an MRI simulation of the popliteal block was undertaken to compare the accuracy of needle placement in relationship to the sciatic ... Full story

The Intensity Of The Current At Which Sciatic Nerve Stimulation Is Achieved Is More Important Factor In Determining The Quality Of Nerve Block Than The Type Of Motor Response Obtained

Based on our clinical experience and experimental data, the intensity of the current at which the nerve stimulation is achieved is the most important factor ... Full story